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CV-16/UNI-C Cold Glue Applicator

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ITW Dynatec’s CV-16 and UNI-C bead extrusion applicators with pneumatically controlled valves have a robust design that is ideally suited for use in industrial environments. The CV-16 employs an air-open/spring-closed valve design for use with lower viscosity adhesives. The UNI-C’s valve architecture is air-open/air-closed for use with higher viscosity materials. Both incorporate a zero-cavity needle/nozzle design to resist adhesive build-up and curing in the nozzle tip. Features include:

CV-16/UNI-C Cold Glue Applicator
  • Precisely machined needle/nozzle allows for positive fluid seal over wide range of pressures and viscosities.

  • Long and short nozzle versions along with a narrow body profile allow for easy fit into most parent machinery.

  • Multiple nozzle orifice sizes and integrated needle stoke adjustments for fluid volume output control.

  • Stainless steel wetted components for corrosion resistance and prolonged applicator life.

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