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LiquiLoc® labeling adhesives are a family of high performance, yet economical water-based, container labeling adhesives using polymer technology. Specifically developed for excellent machining and versatility this line of adhesives exhibits superior bonding to all types of containers. Regardless of the label stock, container type or application equipment, H.B. Fuller offers a LiquiLoc™ labeling adhesive that will meet your needs. If you’re interested in LiquiLoc™ Labeling Adhesives and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.


Application Solutions:
  • Cold, warm, wet or dry glass bottles

  • Low energy surfaces such as PET, PP, or treated PE

  • PVC and HDPE plastic containers

  • Metallised label stock

  • Springy or stiff label stock

Key Benefits:
  • Clean running

  • Versatile on a broad range of line speeds and labeling equipment

  • Excellent wet tack even on cold, wet bottles

  • Hard to bond substrates 

  • Fast machine speeds

  • Easy wash-off behavior

  • Moisture  and ice resistant

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