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Adhesive Solutions: Going Green to Save Money

Interested in going green or, at least, a little greener? We can almost guarantee that any toxic or highly flammable adhesive you are currently using has more environmentally-friendly adhesive solutions. Not to mention a safer adhesive counterpart that is just as effective. The added bonus is that non-toxic adhesives generally cost a lot less too!

One of our latest endeavors is working with a company who makes medical devices for military. They were using silicone-based contact cement to bond . We recommended pressure sensitive hot melt glue—it’s water-based so it’s safer and environmentally friendly. Using this hot melt glue, they have lowered production costs because not only is it cheaper than the silicone-based glue but it has a faster set (drying) time…The earth will thank you, and so will your bottom line! Scott Lepard, Technical Sales Manager 440-220-0115


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