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Cost Is Just Part of the Equation

Recently, a corrugated box plant was experiencing continued failures with boxes that had a coating on the inside. The failure stemmed from the lack of suitability of the homopolymer based adhesive they were running. Over the years, rising costs forced them to changeover from a copolymer product to a homopolymer product. The homopolymer products worked great on all of their uncoated corrugated boxes which constitutes about 75% of their business. However, this cost cutting measure had a negative effect on the performance with these coated boxes and caused major production slowdown on a daily basis.

Since all of their boxes run on the same assembly, it was essential that they find an adhesive that would work on all their boxes. We custom formulated a new copolymer based product that ended up a few cents more per pound. After a couple of months of using this new copolymer product, it has been evident that even though the adhesive costs more their production has gone up significantly saving the expense of product failures. In the end, they spend a little more on the adhesive with a final product that is superior with no expense of repair and no production time lost. Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager 716-583-0966



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