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In a Bind With Your Bindery Needs?

Whether you’re a large paper merchant or small, high-end book binder, HAR Adhesive Technologies manufactures adhesives for every kind of bindery operation including padding (sticking papers together) and casing-in (attaching end sheets to a case to create a book). We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of white glues, pastes and hot melt glue, including our water-based padding compound, quickpad, and carbonless fan-apart adhesive that are supplied through paper merchants around the world as well as EVA, PUR and pressure sensitive hot melts used to bind highly coated and heavy UV paper. For continuous forms operations, we also offer customized collating adhesive.

To simplify bindery operations, we supply the adhesive application equipment you need to get the job done including handheld glue guns and the ChamPADco series of padding presses, recognized as the most cost effective and most reliable press out there. (For more information on the type of adhesive application equipment we offer, please visit our Equipment page on our web site.)

We know every bindery job is unique. And every job needs to be done on time. That’s where we come in. We help you determine the best adhesive solutions for your production needs and keep the types of adhesives on hand so that you have what you need when you need it. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185



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