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In Manufacturing, It All Comes Down to Economics

Have you looked at all the ways to cut production costs while maintaining quality? Our HAR Equipment General Manager, Keith Nagy, recently wrote an article for Adhesives and Sealants Magazine discussing just that. While many manufacturers who use adhesives feel they have done all they can to reduce costs, there are additional ways to improve the adhesive application process to reduce production downtime and maintenance costs. Keith details those economical, long-term improvements in the article including:

  • how to avoid equipment failures, clogging, dripping, charring and stringing;

  • choosing the right adhesive and the right adhesive application equipment for the job;

  • giving your adhesives and adhesive equipment a glue audit to determine performance improvements;

  • having a preventative maintenance program in place;

  • and understanding the importance of operator training.

To learn more, please read his article “Where Do We Go From Here?” on the ASI web site. If you would like additional support in determining and implementing cost-cutting improvements in your adhesive application process, give us a call at 440-786-7185.



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