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Lighting Solutions

Working in a manufacturing plant is a bustling environment. And our Bedford plant is no exception. As our company has expanded over the past few years, we have increasingly needed to use our entire facility for production, inventory and office space. With this high utilization of available space, our plant lighting has become more and more of an issue, due to inadequate lighting in certain areas of the plant and the increasing cost to maintain the already ineffective lighting. So we decided to partner with APEC Engineering to come up with a better solution.

worked closely with us to evaluate our existing lighting, determine our needs then designed a new layout based on our current electrical framework. The new design includes different levels of lighting for certain areas and for specific needs. Gone are the metal halide, mercury vapor and incandescent lights. APEC Engineering installed the energy-efficient T8 florescent bulbs in varying fixture sizes along with ceiling and wall mount motion sensors for areas of inconsistent use such as storage areas.

The benefits have been four-fold. First, we now have two times the light output, creating a well-lit work environment. Second although the light output has doubled, we actually have a 50% reduction in electrical use. Third, the actual light quality itself has improved. T8s emit bright, broadcast lighting that is more evenly dispersed and creates a more naturally lit environment. Lastly, we will save several hundreds of dollars each year while reducing our energy footprint.

Our employees have been happy with the change as well. This innovation to our plant has been a testament to our company’s belief in creating effective solutions that mutually benefit our relationships, while trying to make a positive difference in each of our lives and in the lives of all that we touch.



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