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Padding Compound and Model Rockets

I’m a mom of two school-age boys and, as most boys do, they love model rockets. Actually, anything that blasts a string of fire and shoots hundreds of feet into the air is cool no matter who you are.

Every year our family gets together for a “Rocket Party” in the grandparents’ big back yard. We spend the day eating, launching rockets and then go hunting in the woods to try and find them. Most don’t survive the fall, some are hidden in the woods forever, but we view both as good outcomes. That means we get to build more rockets for next year’s party. So it brought a big smile to my face when a long-time customer of ours, Everett Stowe of Apple Printing Co., recently sent us an email thanking us for a great product.

He writes “I've been in the printing industry since 1979 and have used your HAR Adhesive Technologies ‘Padding Compound’ for many years. I just thought you might want to see what I've been using your padding compound for lately.

In the past three years, I've been scratch building model rockets by laminating double thick paper using your padding compound. The entire airframe is built using your padding compound. My latest rocket is a 14 foot tall Saturn V. It is 16 inches in diameter and weighs in at approximately 58 pounds with the motors installed.”

With that he went on to state, “I just thought you might like to know...Thank you for a great product.”

With a new appreciation of our padding compound and the ingenuity of Everett, that puts a whole new dimension for this year’s Rocket Party. We will scrap building model rockets from kits and start constructing our own using HAR adhesives, albeit on a much smaller scale!

Thank you, Everett, for sharing your impressive rocket and innovative use of our padding compound. We appreciate your loyalty and my sons are really excited to build their model rockets this year.


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