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Sustainable Adhesive Solutions for the Packaging Industry

In any industry sustainability is a top concern. Sustainability includes customer longevity, minimizing the ecological impact, and long-term commercial viability. For the packaging industry, you need not look any further than H.B. Fuller’s Advantra adhesives. These types of adhesives provide superior performance at the lowest overall adhesive cost of any hot melton the market today.

H.B. Fuller explains in one of their latest blogs “Advantra adhesives can potentially impact reduction goals for energy, waste, and packaging materials while allowing an increased percentage of recycled content and improving downstream recycling efficiency. Often these goals can be addressed with little or no capital expenditure for our customers while reducing total costs...”

HAR carries the full line of Advantra adhesives. For more information about applications and key benefits, please visit call us at 440-786-7185. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185

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