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Take the Adhesive Applications Equipment Challenge

Okay, this blog is a sales pitch, but I promise it's a worthwhile one, especially if you currently have or plan to have equipment for adhesive applications.

In meeting with them, we noticed that the parts they used were also the same parts that ITW Dynatec manufactures. Simply by switching to ITW Challenger parts available through HAR they are now saving around 40% for each part purchased. That’s a total saving of a minimum of $12,000 per year! The best part is ITW Challenger parts are high quality, OEM produced parts that meet ISO 9001 standards come with a one year warranty—and HAR will let you try a part for 30 days to make sure you're happy before billing you for it.

Here’s additional reasons to buy from HAR: as an adhesive supplier, most ITW Challenger parts are in-stock for immediate shipping and there’s no need trade-in old parts. And for those dealing with old Nordon systems, ITW Dynatec also has a hot melt glue unit called the Quattro that is a drop-in replacement for any Nordson 2300 series, 3000 series, or ProBlue series. This replacement unit will simply will cost less than rebuilding your old Nordson system.

Okay that’s the end of the sales pitch. A promise is a promise—now it’s your turn to make it worth your bottom line and give me a call at 440-413-5488. Bill Liston, Technical Sales Manager 440-413-5488

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