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The Nordson Alternative

When a business has an adhesive related problem, our job is to work with that company to solve it. Whether it is a special adhesive we have to customize or determining the right adhesive application equipment, we work closely with each company to find the best solution.

One recent example was for a large food manufacturer who supplies thousands of grocery stores. This company used Nordson adhesive equipment but bought compatible ITW Dynatec replacement parts from HAR for a significant cost savings of 30 to 50% per part.

Our customer was so pleased with the performance of ITW Dynatec equipment parts and the money saved that they decided to switch out most of their plant from Nordson to ITW Dynatec hot melt application machines! They had several different generations of Norsdon hot melt supply machines and wanted a drop-in replacement with no need to purchase or replace additional parts. The ITW Dynatec’s DynaPack hot melt application units do just that. Compatible with all Nordson applicators and hoses, the DynaPack is a cost effective, proven, rugged and reliable adhesive supply machine that is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Our customer replaced 13 of their older Nordson adhesive application units to the drop-in DynaPacks, providing both long-term savings and a uniformity throughout their operations. If you are interested in changing from your expensive and cumbersome Norsdon units to a new, lower cost drop-in replacement, the DynaPack has demonstrated reliability for the long haul.

Bill Liston, Technical Sales Manager 440-413-5488


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