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Turn-Key Adhesive Solutions

It’s still amazing to me the variety of applications that require adhesives. One of our newest customers makes “body armor”

For those of you, like me, trying to picture what body armor is…think bulletproof vests, ballistic blankets, backpack shields, helmets and even ballistic sunglasses. Very cool stuff.

This company visited the ITW Dynatec website in search of adhesive application equipment to bond flexible and non-flexible graphite materials together—namely to make their bulletproof vests for military and private use. The company was simply using sprayed on adhesives sold in aerosol cans. As you can imagine, using aerosol cans was costly and required a person to hand-coat an area thoroughly and evenly. Needless to say, there was a lot of adhesive overspray and time wasted. This particular sprayed on adhesive was also considered a hazardous material and required a lot of ventilation during application.

We are so glad they thought outside the box and looked for a more assembly-line approach making their vests! ITW Dynatec contacted HAR to offer the company a turn-key solution to their problem with adhesive.

The company’s interest in adhesive application equipment has now led to cost-cutting and time-saving innovation. We are designing an assembly-line system to bond the two graphite materials using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive applied in a spiral spray. This hot melt is not only less expensive than the spray adhesive, it requires much less glue per application. Plus there are the added benefits of precise application that takes seconds instead of minutes to apply and the adhesive is non-toxic. Now that’s even cooler. Bill Liston, Regional Equipment Sales Manager 440-413-5488

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