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What Areas of Your Product Assembly Could Use Some Adhesive Innovation?

HAR Adhesive Technologies serves nearly every kind of manufacturing industry. By far, those who handle product assembly often lead the way on the variety of adhesives and adhesive applications used. The automotive industry, for instance, requires adhesives not only for structural support, but decorative trims, electronic components, fasteners, fabric and much more.

While all industries are looking for ways to try and minimize costs and maximize speed, product assembly has many complexities due to the variety of substrates, consequently providing many opportunities for innovation.

One recent example where we were able to help improve production speed and lower adhesive costs, uniquely enough, is a casket manufacturer. Much like automotive, several adhesives are used in virtually every aspect of building a casket including plastic, wood, rubber, fabric and metal substrate and we are able to supply adhesives for every one of them.

This particular manufacturer was using an expensive adhesive tape for gasket sealing the caskets lids that were cumbersome to install and slowing down their overall production line. We were able to evaluate their process and develop a semi-automatic application system using a pressure sensitive hot melt coupled with the efficiency and speed of ITW Dynatec equipment. This system made the caskets water and air tight in half the time for half the cost. Switching to hot melt adhesive will save the company thousands while being able to keep up with production demand for the long term.

Thinking about the areas of your production line, where do you see a need for some innovation? Give me a call if you are interested in having your production line evaluated to find ways our HAR team can help improve production speeds and lower your long term costs through innovative adhesive solutions.

Jeff Fugitt, Technical Sales Manager



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