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With the Rising Costs of Raw Materials, What Can We Do?

HAR Adhesives Blog post

We all know that gas prices are up at every gas station in America. If we want gas, then we have to pay their price. However, we do have options. We can carpool, combine trips, go places that are closer, drive cars that get better gas mileage, take public transportation, ride a bike, or even walk. Just like with gas prices, there are also things we can do to offset this global rise in the materials used to produce types of adhesives. As an adhesive supplier, HAR is uniquely positioned as an adhesive manufacturer, an adhesive distributor and as a provider of adhesive application equipment. Our customer’s success is our success, so we work hard to provide our customers a competitive advantage. Here are just some of the solutions that we would welcome the opportunity to share with you:

  • Audit your application equipment - can the bead be smaller, shorter or stitched?

  • Automate a manual operation, to dial in the exact amount of adhesive required on every part.

  • Determine if there are lower cost options that will meet your production specifications.

  • Move to technologies that provide the same results with less.

  • Work with your manufacturing team to lower your scrap.

  • Work with your manufacturing team to increasing your processing speeds.

  • Convert high-cost tapes to an adhesive.

We have a full range of "adhesive solutions and support beyond your imagination" and welcome the opportunity to work together to help you achieve the best solutions for your company. To talk with one of our Technical Sales Representatives, call 440-786-7185.

Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager

Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185

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