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3M Expands HAR Business to More Customers

Everyone has seen, and most likely used, 3M products. When HAR expanded the company by acquiring my adhesive plant in Buffalo, New York, it also expanded the product line and expertise to become a full-service supplier of all adhesive needs to a greater number of businesses. This Buffalo plant—which is still in operation with all original employees, including me—is a distributor of 3M. Hence, HAR Adhesives is now a distributor of 3M.

HAR now has the capability to venture into new markets, primarily small businesses, whose adhesive needs are very diverse and usually on a smaller scale than our other customers.

Printers, furniture manufacturers, metal manufacturers, and display companies are just a few of the businesses that need 3M products and, often times, other types of adhesives that we currently manufacture such as quickpad padding compound or case and carton sealing adhesives. While 3M supplies a myriad of adhesives and other products which we can distribute, the most common products needed by our customers include various kinds of tape such a double-sided tape or transfer tape, hot melt, wood glue and even sandpaper!

HAR’s goal is to provide our customers with the best adhesive solutions for all their production needs. By expanding our product line to now include 3M, it’s just one of the ways we can make that happen. To learn more, check out our 3M products page or contact us. Eric Eckert 716-852-7955



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