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Adhesive Applications in the Food Industry

I’ve always enjoyed the fact that this regional adhesive supplier I work for manufactures adhesives that are used in some of the largest, well-known retail industries. I can’t tell you which retailers but when you eat at fast food restaurant or go grocery shopping, then there’s a good chance you have bought a product with our adhesive on it. From French fry holders to pasta cartons (including the look-through windows) to bottle labels to container cases, our cold set adhesives are water-based and non-toxic which is perfect for the food industry. And it’s one of the largest divisions of our company.

We manufacture the adhesive then distribute it to package manufacturers who use our adhesive for sealing and labeling their products. So next time you go the grocery store or fast food restaurant, you may notice that almost everything you buy uses adhesive applications for packaging the food you eat. How cool is that? Jeff Fugitt, Technical Sales Manager 614-531-2219

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