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Adhesives in Food Packaging: Did You Know?

Did you know that the glue used to assemble and seal the box of that cereal you eat every morning is governed by the FDA? Every ingredient used to bond or seal things like cereal boxes, pasta packaging, French fry holders and even a six pack of beer must be on the FDA approved list. To be specific, it’s the FDA’s Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 175.105 which governs any indirect food additives, including adhesives and coatings.

This regulation allows for food safe packaging adhesives to have minimal contact with food and also governs how adhesives should look and be identified.

Most of the white glues and from HAR Adhesive Technologies fit the bill because they are non-toxic and transparent.

The next time you’re about to open your favorite cereal, order a pack of fries, or peel that label off of your favorite beer, you know your safety has been assured—especially if the adhesive is from HAR Adhesive Technologies! For those who ever packaged any kind of food or beverage and aren’t sure about the FDA status of the adhesive you are using, give us a call and we can help and answer all of your questions. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems, and Support Manager 440-786-7185

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