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Adhesive Economics

Any business that uses adhesive in their manufacturing process from assembly to packaging should take a good look at how they apply that adhesive onto their products. The amount of adhesive used, the speed of application, and the set time determines productivity output. And your adhesive application equipment is the controlling factor. You want equipment that is reliable, responsive and effective. You may even consider installing or updating an automated system that is customized for your unique needs.

While we do deal in sales and repairs of existing adhesive application equipment, we also specialize in working with you to determine the best adhesive and adhesive application equipment for your company that will ultimately drive up production and decrease long-term costs. Sometimes, what is most beneficial for companies in the long run may be to develop an automated or semi-automated production system for their adhesive applications. And we can do that as well.

It’s all about making your adhesive applications and equipment work for you the way you need it too and that’s why we are here. Ken Schonauer, Sale Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185


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