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Adhesives - The Backbone in Woodworking

When it comes to working with wood, HAR has partnered with two of the most effective and comprehensive adhesive manufacturers in the world: H.B. Fuller and 3M to provide state-of-the-art adhesive technologies. Coupled with a deep understanding of innovative processes, we work with our customers to meet their cost, production and quality requirements.

Depending on the wood substrates and adhesives applications processes, HAR has alll types of adhesives ever needed! Our distribution line includes reactive hot melt glue, EVAs, polyamides and polyurethane adhesives, water-based formulations, epoxies, acrylics, urethane adhesives, industrial tapes, and cylinder and aerosol spray adhesives.

Adhesive applications for these are limitless, from panel manufacturing to edge banding to structural support and more. Our web site provides more details on the brands and industries we serve at including…

  • Finishing- for the bonding of wood, particle board or other edging for countertops, cabinets, shelves, furniture or in construction.

  • Assembly- for adhesive systems that add structural benefits with the additional set speed that is ideal for a variety of wood assembly applications.

  • Foam and Upholstery- for quickly and securely bonding flexible foams to themselves or other materials including wood for construction, cabinetry, furniture and much more.

Whether you need types of adhesives for millwork, furniture, or cabinetry, HAR can provide high quality, low cost, and sustainable options for your production needs. For more information on the products we offer and customized adhesive solutions we provide, give us a call at 440-786-7815. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185


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