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All Hot Melt Glue Is Not the Same

All types of hot melt glue may look the same and melt at the same temperature but they are not the same. With hot melts, performance can vary greatly. It is important to have high quality ingredients in hot melt glue adhesives to control overall cost per carton or application. Hidden costs from cheap ingredients include: charring and higher maintenance costs; pop-opens or bond failures; excessive adhesive use; and stringing and rejected finished goods.

Like other adhesives, it’s true that the less you use the better the bond. If you find you're using more adhesive than necessary, search for a better hot melt for better performance. HAR Adhesive Technologies offers well over a hundred types of hot melt to meet any need. Our Technical Sales Representatives are industry experts and will work with you to find the best hot melt for your application. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185


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