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Ever Wonder How One Ends Up An Adhesive Technical Sales Representative?

All of our technical sales representatives come from different backgrounds, many of whom started out manufacturing adhesives or as a sales representative for another manufacturing facility. As you may guess, not all of them intended to work in the adhesives supplier industry in the beginning.

Gary Hajek, our technical sales representative for northwestern Ohio, originally planned to go into the medical field. He received a degree at Case Western University in biology, intent to become a medical nurse. After college, however, life took a different direction and he ended up working in construction to make ends meet.

While working as a construction laborer, Gary saw a great need for more effective solutions in the construction industry so he began to learn about plastics and its benefits. Soon he began to provide technical expertise about plastics and started selling them to various industries.

Until one day Gary saw one of his customers at a ballgame and bought him a beer. They ended up hanging out for the whole game. Within the next couple of months, he got a phone call from HAR President Joe Cerino who was interested in interviewing him for a job due to a high recommendation because of that very same customer.

Today, Gary is a top technical salesmen and adhesive solutions expert for HAR. Although not the career he had planned after college, Gary thoroughly loves his job. He says he enjoys the freedom and family-owned atmosphere. He gets to see something different every day from boxes to labels to automobiles to cows (yes, cows!). Gary mentioned the most rewarding part of his job is helping businesses find the best adhesive solutions to their production issues and meeting a lot of great people along the way. Gary Hajek, Technical Sales Manager 216-374-6423


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