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ITW Dynatec Built-In Filter Applicator Head Is a Better Alternative

When it comes to the application of hot melt adhesives, ITW Dynatec offers superior quality with efficiency in mind.

For example, the ITW Dynatec Mod-Plus Marathon is a one-of-a-kind applicator head that offers air open/air close valves with a sturdy built-in filter.

In contrast, Nordson’s applicator heads use air open/spring close technology. After time, this spring wears out causing stringing and drooling, so then the entire applicator head needs to be replaced. Other great features of ITW Dynatec’s Marathon BF head offers a fast and easy screw-on nozzle and a built-in filter with 35% more surface area than Nordson’s standard filter—so they don’t have to be replaced nearly as often!

You can read more on the benefits of the Mod-Plus Marathon and it’s technical specifications by visiting their Mod-Plus Marathon page. If you would be interested in making the switch, contact me at 440-413-5488 to discuss applicator equiptment needs for your company. Bill Liston, Regional Equipment Sales Manager 440-413-5488

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