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Get More Return on Your Equipment Investment

Ever invest in an expensive machine to make your operations more efficient but then find out it doesn’t do what you need it to? On a visit to an adhesive customer of mine, I noticed they had an adhesive application machine to adhere labels on paper tubes but it was not running. Meanwhile, they had several workers hand labeling tubes on an assembly line. I inquired as to why the machine was not in use.

This gluing machine only ran sporadically since they procured it because they couldn’t get it to run labels onto smaller tubes—which was a significant portion of their business. To accommodate, they ran two shifts of four hand labelers to do the required work.

I brought in our equipment specialist who was able to reengineer their gluing application system and modify the machine to be able to run on all sizes. With this upgraded modification they changed their adhesive to one with more tack that grabbed faster to accommodate the machine’s ability to run at a much faster speed then doing it by hand. Now our customer has the same output in one third the time! This significant increase in output allowed them to boost their profit margins because they have more time to focus on sales and are able to keep up with the rise in production needs.

If you have an adhesive application process that is not working at maximum efficiency, whether it’s the adhesive, the applicator or the application method, I’m sure we can help. Put our technical expertise to the test and give me a call directly at 216-374-6423 or call our main office at 440-786-7185. We’d love to help you! Gary Hajek, Technical Sales Manager 216-374-6423

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