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More than Just a “Glue Machine”

Building an automated glue system is all about customization for your needs that will ultimately drive up production and decrease long-term manufacturing costs

Much of our business on the equipment side deals in sales and repairs of existing adhesive application equipment. However, what is most beneficial for companies, in the long run, could be to develop an automated or semi-automated production system for their adhesive applications. And we can do that as well.

Let me explain. Say, you use a glue to produce a product then you take that product, put it into a box then use a glue or tape to seal the box then put an adhesive label on it. Think about how long that would take a person to do. Okay, now what if that process was automated? A person puts a product on a conveyor which sends it through the glue machine to glue the components, the product is placed in a box, the box flaps are automatically folded, sealed and a label applied. Production time with the factory would speed up immensely!

HAR Adhesive Technologies can provide customized gluing systems and automated adhesive machines that are easy to install and maintain. Now that’s something to think about.

Keith Nagy, HAR Equipment General Manager 440-786-7185


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