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Supply Vs. Demand in Your Adhesive Applications

Surprises are the best presents. Even at work. For years I have been personally contacting a local company to demonstrate what adhesive solutions HAR can provide for their needs. And for years they never responded. Then one day ‘out of the blue’ I received a call from that company asking if we sold glue sticks and how fast they could get them. Apparently, their adhesive supplier was not supplying the glue sticks fast enough to maintain their current production needs. I let them know that we always have them in stock, so they picked up two boxes that same day. It was a very nice surprise for both of us.

Two weeks later, I received another call from them. This time they needed different types of adhesives and a much larger quantity. Their current adhesive supplier, yet again, was not supplying their needs fast enough. This delay in supply was slowing down their production line and, ultimately, sending out shipments late to their customers. The company needed a large quantity for case and carton sealing and needed it immediately. Since we also always keep that adhesive in stock, I dropped off the quantity they needed that same day.

Since then, we have been supplying their adhesive needs every week. It’s nice to know what we can offer other companies is always a welcome surprise. If your company is looking for fast service and delivery, contact me today! Gary Hajek, Technical Sales Manager 216-374-6423


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