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"Win-Win" Adhesive Supplier Relationships

Before coming to us for help, the company went to their original adhesive supplier asking for a solution. Unfortunately for them (but new opportunity for us), this large national adhesive supplier was unwilling to step in and solve their problem. Here’s where we came in to make a “win-win” for both of us.

We brought in an industry adhesive solutions expert to their plant to look at their entire lamination process. Working with this expert, we formulated a new glue specific to their unique adhesive applications. Always on the look-out to provide extraordinary service, this glue reduced scrap and cost less.

The best part is they are now focusing on new product development using this adhesive. Funny how a problem can turn into new opportunities and adhesive solutions for both the manufacturer and the supplier. Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager 716-583-0966



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