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The Hot Melt Glue Advantage

One of the most versatile adhesives for home and commercial use is hot melt adhesive

Hot melt glue is widely used in the packaging, bookbinding, and product manufacturing industries, due primarily to fast processing.

Unlike water-based, or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt glue does not require drying. It is long-lasting and set up as quickly, which is perfect for use on highly automated manufacturing lines that require rapid bond formation.

Used for pressure sensitive applications and product assembly, hot melt glue is very affordable and can bond a multitude of substrates. The types of hot melts vary as well, depending on uses and performance requirements (for more information, read our blog Getting to Know Hot Melt Adhesives). While most of us picture hot melt adhesive as glue sticks, these solid adhesives also are available as pellets, chips, pillows, blocks, ribbons, and dots, allowing for various applications. Today, hot melt adhesive equipment goes way beyond the simple glue gun technology, using different adhesive feeders and applicators to create customized spray or bead patterns for laminating, bonding and sealing. Truly, the uses of hot melt adhesives are virtually endless. Here are just a few examples:

  • Construction-Manufacturing of laminated wood panels; kitchen countertops

  • Non-rigid Bonding-Bonding of woven and non-woven fabrics; manufacturing of shoes; bookbinding

  • Packaging-Manufacturing of cartons, boxes and corrugated boards; multiwall and specialty bags; disposable products (diapers, paper products); labels; envelopes; stamps

  • Vehicles-Aircraft and aerospace structural assemblies; boat and automotive assembly; mobile home manufacturing

  • Labeling-Product labels; stamps; envelopes

In conclusion, hot melt units offer a variety of uses and adhesive applications to meet high production demand and long-term cost savings that no other types of adhesives can match. For more information on how hot melt adhesives can benefit your company, give us a call at 440-786-7185. Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems and Support Manager 440-786-7185


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